The Detroit Red Wings wrapped up their season over the weekend and missed the playoffs for the second straight year.   It will be a long summer that will see the Wings a big player in the draft in June. 

Last month there was an early look at the draft odds for the bottom teams in the NHL.  As the season is now finished, the NHL has released the odds officially for the draft lottery.

The Red Wings finished with 73 points and have a 8.5% chance to land the number one pick in the upcoming draft.   5th best behind Montreal at 9.5%, Arizona at 11.5%, Ottawa at 12.5% and Buffalo with the best chance at 18.5%.

Not a great chance but still a chance that the Wings will land a solid player no matter where they choose.   As it now stands the Red Wings have two picks in the first round, their own pick along with Vegas' pick they received in the trade for Tomas Tatar.

The draft lottery is set to take place on Saturday, April 28th with the actual draft in Dallas the weekend of June 22 and 23rd.

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