Being from Charlotte I spent a lot of time in the summer at Gun Lake and Yankee Springs Rec Area near Hastings.  The summer trips also included usually a stop at Dog N' Suds in Hastings on the way home. 

Dog N' Suds, if you don't remember was a chain drive in restaurant that had locations through out the Midwest.

I remember seeing them around when I was a kid but only really went to the one in Hastings.

It was easy to remember were it was in Hastings as it was right next to Dairy Queen on Green Street.

They had your drive in favorites, burgers, coney dogs and the one thing I loved was their  root beer. I was also a fan of their onion rings.

It has been years since I remember eating there and was surprised on our trip on Route 66 my wife and I found a bottle of Dog N' Suds Root Beer.  It was at a place called, "Pops" just north of Oklahoma City.

Unfortunately many of the locations have closed and or have been torn down including the one in Hastings (it is now Hastings Storage),

I have yet to visit them but if you want to check out a current location there are still two of them in Michigan.   One is in Norton Shores/Muskegon area and in Montague north of Muskegon.

There are also a few in Indiana including Ft. Wayne, Kokomo and the Lafayette area.

If you remember Dog N' Suds what do you remember most about it?

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