You no longer have to buy a thousand things that you don't have room to store and only use a few times a year. You can now rent camping gear for your vacation.

My idea of camping is a hotel that doesn't have cable, but if you love the outdoors, this is the key to an ideal Michigan vacation. Michigan Department of Natural Resources has paired with Arrive Outdoors- a new company that rents you everything you need for a camping trip and delivers right to your door. Even if you get a great sale price on something like a tent at the store, how often do you really use it? Do you have the room to store it? Will you have all the pieces the next time you want to use it?

This company rents tents and shelters that sleep 1-6 people for as little as $5 per day. You can also reserve gear like sleeping bags and even cookware to set up your kitchen. Complete backpacking sets are available for the adventurous and even a canister to store your food in case there are bears in the area.

Camping Made Easy:

  1. Reserve your gear for free
  2. Have it shipped to your home, hotel or Airbnb
  3. Return for free

A complete camping set for two includes a 3-person tent, two sleeping bags and pads, a headlamp and a lantern, a cooking stove and pots, a chair and a Yeti cooler and prices out at just over $150 a day. The best part is, a portion of the proceeds go to support the work of the Michigan DNR. Check out more on Arrive Outdoors here and enjoy the great outdoors in Michigan.

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