Now that we're two years into the 2020s, looking back on artists' careers is getting scarier and scarier. The year 1972 was a full five decades ago, and there are a handful of rock bands that were founded as harder rock was starting to take off.

A lot can happen in the span of 50 years. Heck, we've learned recently that a lot can happen in two. But to commemorate such a milestone, we put together a gallery of rock bands that formed in 1972 to show how many of them have been around for that long — and some of them are bound to make you feel really old.

Such as Van Halen, for example.

Just to clarify, some of these groups' origins date back to even earlier years, and some of them actually had different names in '72 than what they became known as. Again, Van Halen for example, were originally known as Genesis and then Mammoth. But based on their band biographies, they were officially founded 50 years ago.

To reiterate, 50 years. It feels like Led Zeppelin's 50th anniversary was yesterday, and it's already been another four since then.

Scroll through the collection of images below to remind yourself how old you're getting. You're welcome.

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