Imagine partying with Jack Nicholson and John Belushi at The Roxy, or helping get Dee Snider from Twisted Sister swole at the gym helping him with reps. How about finding out you just became the bodyguard for Mick Jagger? That's exactly what Vic Robinson from Kalamazoo was able to do in his career, and that's just a fraction of the coolness he got to experience.

He was also Freddie Mercury's bodyguard during the Rock ‘N’ America tour of 1982, the last in North America for Queen. So as far as the states, he was his last bodyguard. A Freddie memorial page recently shared his story:
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Victor Robinson, a dietitian, and personal trainer, ex-bodyguard of Mick Jagger and other famous rock stars, including Freddie Mercury, later resided in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, where he was a football and track coach at Hillside Middle School and an organizer of community oriented events. In his memoir book ‘Never Say Never... You Could Be Next’ (2013) he described his experience of exuberant showbiz life.

You Could Be Next

Robinson actually wrote a book about all of the amazing experiences he went through:

Victor Robinson’s memoir “Never Say Never…You Could Be Next” takes readers on a journey from the heart of America across the globe filled with loud music, long nights, and unexpected friendships that culminates in a man learning what it means to be a man, and ultimately finding himself again. Focused on the years spent on the road with bands like Twisted Sister and The Rolling Stones, “Never Say Never…You Could Be Next” offers an insider’s look at the world of rock & roll during the roller coaster that was the 1970’s and 1980’s music scene.

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