Not that there was any doubt, but you Rocker listeners know your music, especially your Michigan music. You showed that when we asked this question on Facebook: "How many songs can you think of that refer to Michigan in the lyrics?"

There's the obvious ones like the three from Bob Seger mentioned in the story. There's one, of course, from the World War II era from the Glenn Miller Orchestra, "I've got a gal in Kalamazoo." that got overlooked. But Rocker Facebook user Rain Kemperman knew it. And, even if you've heard the song before, check out the video for an amazing dance performance by the Nicholas Brothers, while singing the song, too.

(afftechmei via YouTube)

And Kevin Post mentioned Primus's cover of the song.

(MusicUpload via YouTube)

But here's where Rocker listeners filled in some holes on the list:

Brittany Kavanaugh mentioned Johnny Cash's "I've been everywhere".

Here's a good one from Marco Marzigliano: "Making A Mess" from Skid row with these lyrics: "She started shakin', started losing her mind...But he was kicking back and playing it cool...Signed her walkin' papers took the 5:15 to Kalamazoo"

Erica Fitzpatrick mentioned "Especially in Michigan" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. And Ethan Pulka mention another rock band, Creedance Clearwater Revival  and the line ”poor boys playing out in Kalamazoo" from the song "Down on the Corner".

Wendy Kehoe knew there's also a country flavored song - featured in an episode of the classic sitcom "WKRP in Cincinnati" - Hoyt Axton's "Della and the Dealer", which stars a "a cat named Kalamazoo".

(CountryTunes0815007 via YouTube)

There are more songs, but this is a good jumping off point to start a music conversation.

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