Roger Waters released a trailer for his adaptation of Igor Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale, which is now on sale.

The Pink Floyd icon narrates the 46-track composition, which was first performed in France in 1918 and originally titled L’Histoire du Soldat. You can see the track listing below.

Stravinsky described it as a theatrical work “to be read, played and danced” with an ensemble of three actors, dancers and seven instruments. It tells the story of a Russian soldier returning home who encounters the devil and trades his fiddle in return for unlimited wealth.

You can watch the trailer below.

“I’m hugely proud of it and I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to be part of a production of what I consider to be not just a great piece of work from Stravinsky, but, I think, an amazingly beautiful piece of recording,” Waters said.

“On a stunning new recording of this great piece he tells the whole of the harrowing modern fairy tale, playing not just the Soldier, the Devil and the Narrator, but all the other characters as well!” a press release notes.

Waters explored his father’s personal soldier’s tale during a journey to find the place where he’d died during the Second World War, after new information was uncovered in 2013. Footage of the experience was later included in his movie Roger Waters The Wall. His relationship with his father’s death has featured all the way through his career.

Roger Waters, 'Igor Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale' Track Listing
Part 1:
1. “The Soldiers March”
2. “Slogging Homeword”
3. “Airs by a Stream”
4. “As You Can Hear…”
5. “The Soldiers March (Reprise)”
6. “Eventually, Joseph Reaches his Home Village…”
7. “Pastorale”
8. “The Soldier, Disconsolate…”
9. “Pastorale (Reprise)”
10. “The Soldier, Slowly Coming Back to Himself…”
11. “Airs by a Stream (Reprise) - To Stretch Out on the Grass…”
12. “Hey Satan, You Bastard…”
13. “Airs by a Stream (2nd Reprise)”
14. “Now to be Gained Here…”

Part 2:
15. “The Soldiers March (2nd Reprise) - Down a Hot and Dusty Track…”
16. “He Doesn't Even Know Himself…”
17. “The Soldiers March (3rd Reprise) - Will he Take the Road to Home…”
18. “He doesn't have a Home Anymore…”
19. “The Royal March”
20. “So all was Arranged…”
21. “Later that Night…”
22. “The Little Concert - Light Floods the Eastern Sky…”
23. “The Soldier, with a Confident Air…”
24. “Three Dances - Tango, Pt. 1”
25. “Three Dances - Tango, Pt. 2”
26. “Three Dances - Waltz & Ragtime”
27. “So First a Tango…”
28. “The Devil's Dance”
29. “The Devil, Confused…”
30. “The Little Chorale”
31. “The Devil Recovers Some of his Wits”
32. “The Devil's Song - All Right! You'll be Safe at Home…”
33. “Hm, a Fair Warning…”
34. “Grand Chorale (Part 1)”
35. “Spring, Summer, Autumn…”
36. “Grand Chorale (Part 2)”
37. “Steady Now…”
38. “Grand Chorale (Part 3)”
39. “Steady, Just Smell the Flowers…”
40. “Grand Chorale (Part 4)”
41. “Now I have Everything…”
42. “Grand Chorale (Part 5)”
43. “The Princess, all Excited…”
44. “Grand Chorale (Part 6)”
45. “And so, Off They Go…”
46. “Triumphal March of the Devil”

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