Ever since the roundabout was installed at Sprinkle and I-94, most of what we've been hearing has been negative.  Drivers find it to be dangerous and talk about how many accidents there have been.  Personally, I like that roundabout.  In fact, I use it almost every day to and from work.  So far I've only seen the result of one accident.  So what are the facts?

In an article on clickondetroit.com, Road Commissions looked at some of the busiest roundabouts in the state and confirmed that there were crashes but not enough to disqualify the purpose for the roundabout itself.  At the busiest roundabout in Farmington Hills there were 164 crashes in 2018 which seems like a lot.  However, despite the frequency of crashes, the accidents were primarily minor and very few fatalities.  The bottom line then: roundabouts increase traffic capacity 30%- 50% and overall they make driving safer.



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