I was lucky enough a few years ago to experience a ride along at Michigan International Speedway.  This weekend fans can get their own experience at the track.

According to the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience, they are returning to Michigan International Speedway this Saturday and Sunday (July 13th & 14th).

The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience allows fans a chance to ride along with an experienced driver or actually drive a car around the track at M.I.S.

I got to experience a 3 lap ride around the track as a birthday gift a few years ago and it was great.

You get to suit up and get to ride shotgun with a pro driver.    I don't know if i would be up for learning to how drive the cars but if your interested that is an option they offer.

They offer different packages for driving as well as for a ride along.  You can check out the options here.

If your a fan and have always wanted to experience a track it is worth it.  I'll admit I was very nervous for this, but once i was in the car and riding around the track I enjoyed it.

If you can't make it this weekend they will be back at the track in September.




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