Depending on whom you ask, this lake near Scotts in southern Kalamazoo County has two different names.

The lake is located east of Portage and southwest of Scotts on S Avenue between 32nd and 34th Streets. The name, at last according to those commenting on a discussion on the Vanished Kalamazoo Facebook group say it's known as Mud Lake. However, Google Maps has it labeled at Sagamaw Lake.

Officially, there's no doubt it's Sagamaw Lake. The name appears in a 1906 publication from the United States Geographic Board.

Sagamaw Lake is a lake located just 5.7 miles from Vicksburg, in Kalamazoo County, in the state of Michigan, United States, near Pavilion, MI. Alternate names for this lake include Mud Lake.

The lake has also been discussed on an ice fishing forum hosted on,

Does anyone know anything about this lake? I drove by it this past summer & have been wanting to try it.I work in Portage,& nobody seems to know anything about it. In fact, every person I have asked, didn't even know it existed. Just wondering; thought I might try it some day after work,for a couple of hours.It is a pretty little lake . Thanks.


I always called it Mud but it's far from that. A very clear lake with a sandy bottom. Nice bass and gill fishing. I've seen a lot of gar pike in it. Never ice fished it but have fished it a lot with a boat. It gets checked by the DNR for contaminates because of the large cow farm to the west.

sagamaw lake map
Google Maps

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