In a year that keeps on getting weirder and crazier, the weird and crazy just keeps coming.  Perhaps weird and crazy aren't the right description.  However, overwhelming comes to mind.

Sometimes we let out guard down and let naivete take over.  We think with all the sickness and dying people would realize that this isn't a time to be selfish, dishonest and mean.  But this is America.  The land of opportunity.  The playground of the opportunists, shysters, crooks and scammers.

Let's face it, this is a target-rich environment for those skilled in the art of cunning to take advantage of the most vulnerable.  They've done so with toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, stimulus checks and looting.

Often, as in this case, the criminal element adapts to the changing environment to seize on an opportunity.  Right now, what is the most contentious subject?  That's right, face masks.  Wear vs Not Wear.

And so the door is open for yet another cash-grab off the backs of the passionate and unsuspecting.  We've learned that you can buy "Face mask Exemption Cards" on the internet.  These, of course, are are not legitimate an will surely cause even more contention.

They've done a masterful job though.  You look at it and it has a Department of Justice seal, a warning from the ADA and the threat of a fine for denying the wearer access.  Also cleaver, they've brilliantly priced them at $50 so it's not too much to afford and just enough to give it credibility.  If it were say $20 you might get suspicious.

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