If you've ever driven across Michigan's Upper Peninsula on M-28 you likely remember the Sceney Stretch, the notoriously long and straight section of road between M-77 at Sceney and M-94 at Shingleton. Running 25 miles through swampland and a wildlife refuge there are very few cross streets and hardly a curve. The road is considered the longest straight stretch of road east of the Mississippi River.

So it should not surprise you to realize that a story about the Michigan Department of Transportation building a series of 6 roundabouts along the Stretch would be a joke. There's simply no need.

But bring up roundabouts, even as a joke, and there's bound to be comments.

The satire site, Yooper Lad posted a meme with the alleged location of the 6 roundabouts.

By the time the meme makes it to the Pure UP Facebook group, even with the caption, It's a joke, people! Geez. This is way too absurd to be true. Some people just can't:

Total waste of money

Why so many roundabouts?

Wow what a waste of money, i have drove down that rode several times and sometimes i don’t even have a another car for miles

Hopefully a joke. I already bypass the Marquette area due to the excessive number of roundabouts.

Why why why? Out in the middle of no where!!! Fix the damn roads

It’s a big waste of tax dollars...There’s nothing out there where they are building those roundabouts.

So, no you need not worry about a sudden influx of roundabouts in one of the most desolate drives in all of the United States, the stretch will likely remain wide open, curve and roundabout free for decades to come.

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