Just when we're hearing that things may open up soon, Schoolcraft has decided a public gathering is too risky for July 4th activities. Social media disagrees.

Shots are going into arms across the country and the number of citizens that are fully vaccinated is growing as we inch back toward some sense of normalcy. Many Americans are looking forward to celebrating freedom more than ever as lifting of restrictions is happening now in many places and on the horizon in others.

Despite a glimmer of hope, the Village of Schoolcraft has decided to exercise caution and cancel all 4th of July activities and gatherings in the Kalamazoo County town. Village Manager Cheri Lutz shared the news on Facebook March 15,

They [the village council] have agreed to support the decision of the 4th of July Committee to cancel the Village's Annual 4th of July Celebration due to the unknowns of Covid-19. As you know thousands of people come to the festivities, and there is no way to social distance, and to provide the necessary precautions to keep people safe from Covid-19.
This decision did not come easily, and we hope that 2022 brings us back to our cherished annual traditions.

-Village of Schoolcraft via Facebook

Many Schoolcraft residents and others with internet access and a Facebook account were not happy with the news.

  • Definitely disappointing.
  • This is really sad & disappointing!!!
  • Ridiculous
  • Cancel culture is still alive and well.
  • And that's what everyone said LAST year!
  • Really!? Very frustrating to hear.
  • Boo

There were a few positive comments,

  • Thank you to the Council, the Village staff, and the Committee for making a difficult decision.
  • Thank you for keeping the health and safety of the community in mind.
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No one expects the decision to be changed, and these are indeed tough times to be in a leadership role, balancing the safety of citizens against the wishes of others. Here's to staying safe to celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!


The Village Council made a very difficult decision at tonight's Council Meeting. They have agreed to support the...

Posted by Village of Schoolcraft on Monday, March 15, 2021

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