Winter is coming ... and it rocks! Game of Thrones creator and show runner D.B. Weiss is also a guitar enthusiast and his worlds recently collided when he reached out to Fender to create a custom Game of Thrones guitar line. In a newly posted video, Weiss, Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djwadi and rock superstars and GoT superfans Scott Ian, Tom Morello and Nuno Bettencourt took the new instruments for a spin, playing the Game of Thrones theme. Watch the performance in the video above.

After partnering with Fender master builder Ron Thorn, Weiss decided upon three distinct guitars, one for each of the houses in the show. "The telecaster is the instrument that the good guy plays, that the sheriff plays, and the Starks seem to embody that. They have that integrity and no nonsense approach that seems perfect for a telecaster," says Weiss of one of the intricate guitars.

Meanwhile, the House Lannister Jaguar was envisioned as a more "gold plated" instrument, mirroring Weiss' view of the Lannister family. And the House Targaryen Stratocaster is "the most difficult instrument I've ever worked on," according to Thorn. After the performance featuring the guitarists, both Weiss and Thorn break down the highlights of each instrument and how the design came together.

The limited edition series was hand built to order in the Fender Custom Shop. The Stark telecaster goes for $25,000, while the Lannister Jaguar goes for $30,000 and you can snag the Targaryen strat for $35,000.

Update: Fender have now released a full video performance of the Game of Thrones theme, which not only features Morello, Ian, Bettencourt, Weiss and Djwadi, but also has country star Brad Paisley joining in. Watch the video below.

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