Five Guys has one of the fast food industries simplest menus. Burgers, hot dogs and fries. And that's it. You wouldn't think there would be much of a secret menu.

But there is one innovation you can do at Five Guys that might change the way you get a burger from them.

Food vlogger Daym Drops released a new video recently that showed a new way to enjoy a Five Guys burger. What's the secret? Ask them to hit the burger with the cajun seasoning. So simple yet beyond brilliant. Give the video a look and see for yourself if you've got a new way to try Five Guys.

There are some websites that have tried to conceive of a Five Guys 'secret menu' but let's be honest - it really doesn't exist. Sure you can ask for grilled onions on the burger and call it a patty melt, but that's not really much of a secret.

And if you need a little more drool-inducing look inside Five Guys:

Five Guys has southwest Michigan locations on Westnedge Ave in Portage and Niles Ave in St Joseph.

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