This is the very definition of "nope". Meet the Bobbit Worm, an aquatic creature that has been devouring the souls (presumably) of the most unsuspecting of today's internet travelers. This thing isn't something made up for Tara Reid to fight in a trilogy of SyFy movies; this shares the planet with you.  Let that thought tuck you in tonight.

The Bobbit Worm isn't just ugly, it hunts for prey in a horrifying night-time-tele kind of way.  Just like the Graboids from Tremors, it shoots straight out of the sea floor and snatches anything that was unlucky enough to be swimming in "gotcha" distance. Then, once it has it's prey, the Bobbit Worm drags it back to the hell in which it came from to devour, presumably cackling wildly.  What's even creepier is that people have seen them popping up in their home aquarium; stow-aways on a piece of coral, that eventually got too big to hide... and have developed an insatiable taste for BLOOD!!!

Watch below... if you dare...

Bobbit Worm - Dinner time from liquidguru on Vimeo.