This Labor Day Weekend is the Annual Bridge Walk across the Mackinac Bridge.  It is an experience to walk the bridge which I have done in the past.   Do you know you can also see the bridge from underneath?

A few years ago on a visit to Mackinac Island,  My Wife and I took Shepler's Ferry on one of their Mighty Mac Departures.  This is a regular trip to the Island except they go under the Mackinac Bridge first before taking you to the Island.

As you can see they literally stop right under the bridge.  They also slow the boat down as they near the bridge so you can get a few photos of the bridge.

It is a cool feeling to be that up close to it.    To this date, I have driven over the bridge numerous times, completed the Annual Bridge walk and have been under the bridge.

The only thing I have never done is climb the towers, which I don't think I could ever do if I did get the chance.

If you are heading up to the Bridge Walk This Weekend enjoy as it is a lifetime experience.  If you ever get the chance take one of the ferry's under the bridge its another experience you must try if you are ever in the straits.