It may seems seeing a hockey game at Lawson Ice Arena is both the furthest thing on most people's minds, but also nothing but a pipe dream, depending on which prediction you care to believe. But the Western Michigan Broncos have released the NCHC conference portion of a possible (2020-21) season.

With so much player turnover from year to year, it's always hard to predict how things will come together, but based on last year's results, the Broncos might be catching a bit of a break, with only one two-game series with both two-time defending national champion MInnesota-Duluth and North Dakota on the schedule. All the other teams in the conference will have home and home series with WMU.

No matter what happens, the team will have a much different looks with five players having signed contracts with NHL teams. Mattias Samuelsson and Dawson DiPietro have signed deals with the Buffalo Sabres, Wade Allison is now Philadelphia Flyers property. (First team All-American pick) Hugh McGing signed the Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues. Cam Lee is now in the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, and Austin Rueschhoff signed a free-agent deal with the New York Rangers.

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