With the heavy controversy surrounding Founder's Brewing Company as of late, Kalamazoo once again steps up and proves why we are ahead of the curve when it comes to social matters. Shakespeare's has an abundance of Founders beer remaining in kegs. Instead of just pouring it out, they're encouraging customers to order the Founders beers they have on tap, for the purpose of charity.

In a statement released yesterday, they plan on donating profits from the sales of their stored kegs of KBS, CBS, and Curmudgeon's Better Half to ERACCE ( Eliminating Racism and Creating/Celebrating Equity). There is no timeline for the kegs to be finished. Every snifter sold from these kegs will have its profits donated to ERACCE. Ted Vadella & Scott Makohn, Owners of Shakespeare's commented further, stating: "Founder's employs 600+ people throughout its company. People from different backgrounds and cultures. Good people. The majority of which have not had their voices heard. We hope that is not the case any further and that Founder's will honor their statement to fix this problem."

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