It's been way too long since I've been on a golf getaway up north. Reading this business story reminded of that. The news is the Shanty Creek Resort golf complex got bigger with their acquisition of Hawk's Eye Golf Course.

This deal means, with the addition of Hawk’s Eye, the complex now has five 18-hole championship courses on Shanty Creek’s 5,500-acre property. Doing the simple math, that means 90 holes at one location. And this puts Shanty Creek on the list of the Top 10 Largest Golf Resorts in North America.

“The addition of Hawk’s Eye is huge — literally and figuratively. Having five courses within an 8-mile radius adds significant appeal and prestige for golfers looking for a world-class getaway.” - Mike Mooney, Director of Golf for Shanty Creek via press release.

Hawk's Eye has only been around since the mid-2000's, but has been on several top course lists in that time span.

The Shanty Creek CEO, Pete Bigford, is crowing about the deal from a financial point of view. “In the wake of the corona virus, [the addition of Hawk’s Eye] is a testament to the successes we’ve been experiencing here at Shanty Creek.”

There's no question to how nice the resort complex is, but be warned, if you're only a occasional duffer, golf here isn't easy. These courses are very nice and very well kept up, but... they will also do a number on you, if you're not particularly good at the game.

However, if the boss is offering, or the spouse is hinting, for a getaway, this is a very pretty part of Michigan and quite special. And it helps to hit them long and straight.

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