See Coming Up for Air, an award winning film featuring local actors Chase Yi, Kate Thomsen and Evan Lugo, at two theaters: Celebration Cinema Crossroads in Portage, September 20-26 and Kalamazoo 10 September 23, 24, and 26. Shot in West Michigan and Ann Arbor, this film focuses on mental health and the impact that it has on families, and highlights the roles that caregivers play in the lives of loved ones in recovery. According to the official release, Coming Up for Air, "tells the story of ceramic artist Anna Russell and her son Stan, a straight-A college student and high diving champion, seeking an spot on the men’s 10m Olympic diving team. The pressure and stress to succeed in his high-stakes athletic competitions, while maintaining his A average and a social life, begin to take their toll. Stan begins to unravel and withdraws into himself with potentially tragic consequences."

In August, Coming Up for Air won seven honors at Detroit's I See You Awards, including Best Picture, Best Cast, and Best Director, Robert Cicchini. It is also a finalist at the Florence Film Awards in Italy, as well as an official selection at Rome's Prisma Film Awards.

Here's what you need to know:

Bonus Video: Coming Up for Air Fundraising Trailer - Vimeo

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