Wasn't it just last year that a movement began to change the day for trick or treating to the last Saturday in October?  I'm not even sure why you would want to change the day.  These kids are only out for a couple hours anyway.  It's not like when I was a kid and we trick or treated from 6-midnight.  Now those were the days.  Anyway, that didn't get enough traction so here comes another foolish suggestion.

A report on wzzm13.com has a school system in Florida circulating a petition to get students the day off after Halloween.  I'll say it again, why would this be at all necessary?  If anything we should all get the day off after the Superbowl or, more importantly, the day off on general election day.  So, no, that's not going to fly there and it shouldn't fly here either.  Check this out.  The Polk County Florida Schools had a funny and cool response to the whole thing:

"We respect the spirit of grassroots activism behind the petition," the district respond in a Facebook post.  "We also appreciate the honesty of students who signed the petition, as well as their comments, which include: "Because I don't wanna go to school right after consuming 50 pounds of candy."  "Unfortunately, our yearly school calendar is set well in advance, and barring an emergency, we can not close schools on short notice," the school district said. "Our school nurses will be ready to assist you with any candy-related ailments when you return ... on Friday."

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