In case you haven't heard, Ohio State's head football coach Urban Meyer has been put on paid administrative leave while the university investigates a report that claims he knew about an assistant coach allegedly abusing his wife and did nothing about it.

The coach's name is Zach Smith who was the team's wide receivers coach until he got fired last month when his now ex-wife got a restraining order.  Here's where it gets dicey, Urban Meyer said he knew about an incident back in 2009 but didn't know about anything else since.  As it turns out, his wife and Zach Smith's now ex-wife were exchanging text messages regarding the alleged abuse which would indicated he did know about an incident in 2015.

Now, as Michigan fans look at this situation maybe a few are torn about how they feel.  I mean, we are talking about someone committing a crime which is no laughing matter and shouldn't be brushed aside for their own possible joy of seeing Urban Meyer go down.  I'm also sure there are Michigan fans who don't care about this woman and just want to see him get the boot.  And as for OSU fans who don't think he should go, remember, Joe Paterno didn't touch and of the victims in the Jerry Sandusky case but he did know about it.

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