How many times has this happened to you; you start chatting with a new special someone, everything seems to be going spectacularly well, and then out of nowhere they stop returning your texts? Ghosting. It's apparently the most passive-aggressive (if not most pusillanimous) way of letting someone know you're no longer interested. It's time we cut out the middle man. Why not just have dinner with a ghost?

Allegan, Michigan is home to The Grill House, grill-your-own-meat restaurant inside a beautifully restored a1836 inn. Along with their extensive menu and choice beer selection, this establishment also boasts experiences of the paranormal variety. It seems that the ghost of someone who met a grisly and untimely end on the property many years ago, a specter the owners of The Grill House call Jack, as the former incarnation of the facility was used to house local lumberjacks, has been making himself known in various ways for several years. And with the restaurant newly reopened after COVID-19 limited their operations for a few months, you too can have a ghostly adventure.

According to Haunted Bar Guide, a bloody knife fight broke out in the bar of what was then known as Hubbard House. The victim was hastily buried in an unmarked grave on the property. Since then unexplained things have been afoot at the location. Chairs are moved without explanation. Lights will dim. The radio will inexplicably turn on. And, according to the history page found on The Grill House's website, "On rare occasions a single shot of whiskey, Jack’s drink of choice, will even be found sitting on The Rock bar, acting as a haunting reminder of our supernatural companion."

Is a paranormal paramour better than a date of flesh and blood? Well, one thing is for sure, with a spirit, you won't be surprised when you're ghosted.

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