This polarizing and admittedly hilarious sign was slapped on the jukebox at Dark Horse Brewing Co. in Marshall by the owner, Aaron Morse. It reads:

DO NOT play AC/DC on this jukebox.

Your song will be skipped.


"I hate AC/DC." - Aaron Morse, Owner


Please do not play AC/DC.

Also, you can't play: Nickelback, Hoobastank, Matchbook 20, Hinder, Buck Cherry, Def Leppard, the song Wagon Wheel or any other sh*tty overplayed music.

Thank you for your patronage and no AC/DC.

Aside from the AC/DC hate, I'm fixated on three things here... "Matchbook 20" is flat out the funniest intentional wrong-naming I've heard in a while, I like that directly under an all caps "DO NOT PLAY AC/DC" he says "please," and who plays Hoobastank or Hinder anymore? What year is this? I suppose I'll just be crawling in the dark looking for the answer. *rim shot*

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