There are certain things you expect when you go to a show. You want the hits. You look for production value. And for most acts, you'll notice those signature moves. You know, the thing that for some reason draws a huge response from the crowd that lets you know you're at a rock and metal shows. Here we take a look at 13 Signature Rock + Metal Stage Moves that have moved us throughout the years.

One of the first and most identifiable stage moves comes from Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Pete Townshend. The Who guitarist gave us the guitar windmill, capturing the imagination of both fans and a whole generation of future musicians looking to add a little spice to their playing.

Speaking of legendary moves, AC/DC's Angus Young picked up his from one of the pioneers of rock 'n' roll. Chuck Berry initially made the duck walk famous, but Young has put his own spin on it bouncing that leg across the stage to the delight of fans.

Have a look and see what other signature rock and metal stage moves made the list in the gallery below.

13 of the Best Signature Rock + Metal Stage Moves

Try this onstage!

Gallery Credit: Chad Childers, Loudwire

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