BarryMimiDotCom via YouTube
BarryMimiDotCom via YouTube

When you were a kid, that sledding hill seemed as big as a mountain. This one is. Sleeping Bear Dunes are open year-round including Michigan Winters when sledding is ideal.

Snowmobiling and ice fishing aren't the only things to do up North this time of year. Conquer Michigan's largest sledding hill with a 450' drop that just might put you on an iceberg out in Lake Michigan. Okay, that might be exaggerating a little bit but Sleeping Bear Dunes are 450' at their highest point and this sure looks like fun.

The Lake Michigan shoreline is desolate in Winter with only lonely, frozen lighthouses on the horizon. Swimmers and sunbathers are long gone, many not returning until after the Memorial Day weekend kickoff to Summer. The rangers have been out and invite you make the most of Michigan's natural beauty and the mammoth dunes and get some sledding in. Will you carry my sled to the top?

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