There's a new beer on the Southwest Michigan scene and it's named after a legendary St Joseph resident, Slippery Bob.

So who was Slippery Bob and why did his beer cause such an uproar? We'll let Urban Dictionary define the man

Slippery Bob is the old man on Silver Beach, at St. Joseph. Michigan. He likes stealing underwear. He's a creeper.

Okay then.

The beer is described as a tropical India Pale Ale. Untappd says it's "tropical with a kiss of pineapple" and has a rating of 3.85 out of 5.

Watermark is the brewery behind Slippery Bob beer. Reaction on social media was mixed. Some saw it as a cruel joke.

Why was this done? He was harmless. More importantly he is a brother and a son. A legend, yes. A predator, no. He worked at and retired from Whirlpool. What made you do something like this. It is so mean. It must be so hurtful to his family. The beer might taste good but the label is in poor taste. I hope you rethink this.


This is so sad. I wonder if anyone cares to even know his story. Thanks Watermark. Real classy.


Very poor taste, and I don't mean flavor

Others believed it to be a harmless gag on a local legend.

Not poor taste at all.. slip was an iconic figure to the area for yrs....


He was a legend in our younger days. Harmless, yes! Fun stories, yes. RIP Slippery Bob.


That’s hilarious... what a different time that was.

If you never had the chance to meet Bob, take a look at this photo captured in 2011 by Mark Parren, a chronicler of life in Berrien County. While the man has now passed away, his legend along the lakeshore lives on with beer.

Watermark Brewing is located on St Joseph Ave in Stevensville.

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