History buffs know that D-Day, referring to the day we landed on Normandy Beach in France during WWII, is June 6th. Quite a ways off from now, but it isn't stopping historians, and reenactors from preparing for next year.

You might hear some big "BOOMS" on Lake Michigan Oct. 4th as crews begin practicing, and testing their pyrotechnics for next year's event.

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June 6th, 2024 will mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landing, when the United States truly, officially began their assault in World War II. It is still the largest seaborne invasion in history, and has been graphically depicted in movies like "Saving Private Ryan," and in TV shows like "Band of Brothers."

This year, there will be a reenactment in Michigan at Tiscornia Beach near St. Joseph. It's being put on by a group called "Lest We Forget." They're a non-profit organization that recreates battles for historical significance, and offers educational programs for the public.

"Lest We Forget has a goal of preserving, promoting, and disseminating the memories of men and woman who fought for the freedoms enjoyed by the citizens of the USA. 'To Brighten the Future We Must Illuminate the Past!'"

The organization is the result of the Lest We Forget documentaries of WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Wars, produced by the Berrien County Intermediate School District. The videos won national awards for their excellence.

So on Oct. 4th, if you're near St. Joseph, and Tiscornia Beach, don't worry, we aren't at war with the Canadians, or the sturgeon. It's just testing of pyro for this year's show.

The Lest We Forget 80th anniversary reenactment of D-Day will take place on June 22nd at Tiscornia Beach. It will be free and open to the public.

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