A small plane crashed Tuesday, March 2, in the woods located in Ottawa County.

There is usually only one outcome for a pilot or passengers from when a plane crashes, but in this particular pilots case, he managed to crash with only some minor injuries.

According to MLive, the pilot really escaped being seriously injured when his plane went down and crashed in a very heavily wooded area in Grand Haven Township.

The plane crashed in the woods near Ferris Street, east of U.S. 31. The incident when down just before 4 p.m. Tuesday.

WOOD, reported that the 52-year-old pilot was from Marne. His flight path was to go from Grand Haven Memorial Airport and was heading to Muskegon.

The pilot came close to hitting some power lines after his plane started having some engine problems. His first intention was to circle back to the airport but the Cessna 210A had other ideas and came crashing down. The pilot received some facial injuries' during the crash but was aloud to leave the scene after being checked out by paramedics.

The people that lived on the property of the plane crashed on Ferris Street were at the home at the time of the crash.

WOOD spoke with home owner Maryjane Belter who said, "it's not something that happens every day when have an airplane crash into your woods. We heard this noise that sounded like...a lot of snow and ice falling off your roof and crashing to ground. I could see the tail of the plane sticking up through the trees."

There were no passengers that were on the plane, just the pilot. The plane suffered major damage. The crash is currently under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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