Thanks to Animal Control, Allegan Police, and the Wayland Fire Department, a horse is safe after being trapped in an icy pond.

According to Wood TV 8, the rescue of Misty the horse happened last Friday when the Allegan County Sheriff's office got a call of a horse stuck in a pond at Mary’s Country Critters farm in Wayland Township around 7p.m.

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It was unknown how long she'd been in the icy water. If I'm remembering correctly, last Friday night was in the low 30s -- so a cold night for all who came to help and certainly for Misty in that partially frozen water!

Wayland Fire Department Lt. Jim Stoddard, part of the rescue team, tells Wood TV 8,

“It had ice all the way around it and then just broke through the center, so the challenge was it couldn’t get back up on the ice to get out of the pond."

Concerned that hypothermia was about to set in, Animal Control Deputy James Kimber says Misty's legs were starting to buckle, she was shaking all over and confused.

Acting quickly and using chainsaws, the rescue team was able to cut through the ice, create a path, and safely get Misty out of the water within half an hour.

They got Misty to a loafing shed and were able to warm her up with blankets. Kimber says that she's now fully recovered and back out in the pasture with the other horses! Such good news!  Awesome job to all all who acted quickly and came together to save Misty's life!

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