It's National Puppy Day, and if distracting yourself with pictures of adorable puppies isn't doing the trick to lift your spirits amid these trying times, don't fret. I've got you covered. Here are ten more stories to restore your faith in humanity.

  • Brian Jackson
    Brian Jackson

    Milwaukee Man Starts GoFundMe for Restaurant Employees in Honor of His Birthday

    In an effort to support local restaurants and their out-of-work employees, Milwaukee resident C.J. Krawczyk created a GoFundMe page called "S.O.S. Milwaukee (Save Our Spots)". He did this in lieu of gifts for his birthday, and so far he has managed to raise over $24,000.

  • AndreyPopov

    Landlords are Cutting Rent Around the Country

    Many landlords have stepped up to help their out-of-work tenants by drastically cutting rent. In fact, one such landlord took it a step further. Saying, "We gotta work together," Milwaukee landlord John Zutz left notes on his tenant's doorsteps declaring he is only charging $100 for rent, and encourages them to use any extra money to support local businesses.

  • Wavetop

    People are Fostering Shelter Animals

    Thousands of people have stepped up to foster shelter animals. This helps keep them from being overrun, and also provides a friendly companion to avoid going stir-crazy.

  • Francesco Ridolfi
    Francesco Ridolfi

    People are Becoming More Connected

    According to a YouGov poll, 36% of people surveyed said that they have spoken to their loved ones more than usual of over this last week. It's certainly helped us slow down and appreciate the people in our lives.

  • Goran Bogicevic
    Goran Bogicevic

    Wedded Bliss... From a Distance

    A couple in New York didn't want to postpone their wedding, so they stood on the street in front of their friend's apartment who officiated the ceremony from the balcony. A few other friends attended the wedding while keeping a safe distance. And it was all caught on this adorable video.

  • 6

    7-Year-Old Uses Birthday Money to Feed Seniors

    A first-grader in Maryland named Cavanaugh Bell took the $600 he managed to save over two birthdays and three Christmases to purchase and package 65 "COVID-19 Care Packs" and 31 hot meals to bring to seniors. Bell said, quote, "Don’t forget our senior citizens. They need to eat, too.”

    On an unrelated, but incredibly impressive note, Cavanaugh Bell also created a nonprofit called Cool and Dope which aims to, quote, "eradicate all bullying and youth suicide through political and social action by his 18th birthday on Nov. 20, 2030.”

  • 7

    With Disney Closed Utah Family Creates Pirates of the Caribbean Ride in Their House

    Some of us have found some pretty creative ways to hunker down. One Utah family recreated the famous Pirates of the Caribbean ride in their home. Enjoy the video. It's sure to bring a smile to your face.

  • 8

    Graduation Ceremony Happens Mid-Flight

    Before Canada declared a lockdown, a group of college volleyball players were given the news that their graduation had been canceled. The whole crew held an impromptu, makeshift graduation ceremony for the team while in the air.


  • DEMIURGE_100

    Cancelled Wedding Leads to Gift for Seniors

    Krystal Goytia and Jason Oswald's wedding was supposed to be Saturday. Unfortunately, the ceremony and reception had to be cancelled amid the concerns of COVID-19. So the San Antonio couple decided to donate all of their flowers to a local assisted-living center.

  • 10

    High School Choir Sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

    Something so simply can change your mood. 20 members of a California high school choir know all about that. They got together online to sing an acapella version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and posted it to YouTube.

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