Welp, it's official. Stay Home/Stay Safe is in effect across Michigan. Never fear! Your good news is here!

  • LuminaStock

    Teacher in El Paso Visits Each Student from her Car

    Leslie Gonzalez, a fifth-grade teacher in El Paso, realized she would never get the chance to say goodbye and good luck to her students. After all, they're fifth-graders, and would be moving on to junior high next year. So she spent her weekend driving to students' homes, just to hold up a sign and say hello.

  • Vadmary

    Drive-By Gender Reveal Party

    An Arkansas couple who waited years to have a baby were forced to cancel their gender reveal party due to the outbreak. So their friends organized a drive-by gender reveal party, where party attendants drove by the couple's home with pink balloons and streamers attached to their cars.

  • Tracy Whiteside
    Tracy Whiteside

    Opera Singer Sings to Isolated Father

    It's tough to be isolated when you live alone. An opera singer in Israel has been going to her father's house and singing to him from the street while he listens from his balcony. Every morning.

  • 4

    Police Officer Sings and Plays Guitar

    In an effort to keep spirits up, a police officer in Spain showed drove to an intersection, parked his car, and exclaimed, "We've come to sing!" and began playing his guitar awhile other officers danced.

  • Jacek Chabraszewski
    Jacek Chabraszewski

    Restaurant Owner Takes Out Loan to Pay His Staff

    Bryan Morin, owner of Federico's, a pizza place in New Jersey is getting a lot of praise from his staff and community after he took out a $50,000 line of credit, just so he can keep paying his staff of 20.

  • luplupme

    Businesses Stepping Up in Surprising Ways

    Lots of other businesses are stepping up.  Lyft is delivering meals and medical supplies. Harbor Freight is donating all of its masks, face shields, and rubber gloves to hospitals.

  • vejaa

    Puzzle Warehouse is Hiring Due to Demand

    While more and more businesses have to close down right now, the owner of a company called Puzzle Warehouse is hiring. Why? To keep up with demand. Families are slowing down and spending time doing puzzles together.

  • Paul Morigi
    Paul Morigi

    Girl Scouts Donate Cookies to Red Cross

    The Girl Scouts have donated thousands of boxes of cookies to the American Red Cross to help reward people who donate blood. So get out there, do your part, and enjoy your Thin Mint.

  • 9

    Real-Life Hungry Hungry Hippos

    Right now, nursing home and assisted-living are under strict guidelines. No one can receive visitors. So employees at an assisted-living center in Wales decided to lift residents' spirits by playing a real-life game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.  They used wheelchairs to move players back and forth, and put baskets on the end of broomsticks to collect balls.

  • Jarek Joepera
    Jarek Joepera

    Computing Power

    Scientists rely on computers to simulate how various proteins behave. That can take a LOT of time. So FoldingAtHome.org has asked people to download software that lets their computer run simulations when you're not using it. So far, over 400,000 people have signed up and that has translated to combined raw computing power combined that is three times faster than the world's fastest supercomputer.

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