Retro consoles with the return of the Nintendo and Super Nintendo Mini's have been very popular.  Sony is getting ready to bring back one of their early systems with a mini of their own.

According to Wired, Sony is releasing a Playstation Classic console.  This new retro console is very similar to the recent ones released from Nintendo.   The original NES Mini and the Super Nintendo Mini have both been hard to find consoles.

This new Playstation, like those Nintendo systems, is small and will have the games for it stored on hard drive.  It looks exactly like the original PS One that was released back in 1995.  You can still purchase an original one of those on Amazon.

As for the games, it is set to be loaded with 20 games.  No titles have been announced for the U.S. yet.   It should feature games that were popular during the original release time of the original console.

Like the recent retro mini's, it will connect to your TV by HDMI.

The release date for the new Playstation Classic is December 3rd and will cost $100.   As of now you can still pre-order the new system at Best Buy and Gamestop.

I am curious to see how this system does as the other ones have sold out whenever they have become available.   It would help if they would release a game list as that would help people decide if it is a must buy.

I personally will keep playing my original Playstation 2 but it is great to see the old systems become popular again.

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