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Soundgarden are about to make good on a "correction" they've long sought. The band will deliver a newly remixed and expanded reissue of their Grammy-nominated full-length debut disc, Ultramega OK.

The band initially recorded the album for SST Records, but were never really quite happy with the final mix of the disc and had intended to remix the album for subsequent pressings, but after singing a deal with A&M and starting work on Louder Than Love, they never got around to that planned remix. Now, just shy of 30 years later, the band will reissue Ultramega OK with a fresh remix.

In 2016, the band finally acquired the original multi-track tapes from the Ultramega OK sessions and found time to dig into the project. They asked longtime friend, engineer Jack Endino, to join them in creating a fresh mix.

And while they were at it, the band dug out six early version of tracks that wound up on the album. Those songs were recorded in 1987 on an 8-track tape by Endino and Chris Hanzsek and then mixed anew by Endino in 2016. One of those songs, the dark and driving "Beyond the Wheel," can be heard in the player above.

The new CD reissue comes packaged in a foil-stamped gatefold with a custom dust sleeve, featuring liner notes from Kim Thayil and Jack Endino, as well as a previously unseen photo from photographer Charles Peterson. Look for the disc arriving on or around March 10. You can pre-order the disc via Soundgarden or Sub Pop, and check out the full track listing below.

Soundgarden, Ultramega OK Reissue Track Listing:

1. Flower
2. All Your Lies
3. 665
4. Beyond the Wheel
5. 667
6. Mood for Trouble
7. Circle of Power
8. He Didn't
9. Smokestack Lightning
10. Nazi Driver
11. Head Injury
12. Incessant Mace
13. One Minute of Silence
14. Head Injury (early version)
15. Beyond the Wheel (early version)
16. Incessant Mace (early version)
17. He Didn't (early version)
18. All Your Lies (early version)
19. Incessant Mace (V2) (early version)

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