They may not realize it now, but there's a great life lesson here for the kids at Southfield High, in Southfield, Michigan. In fact, there's a number of life lessons they can choose from: 1. Everything in life comes with a price tag, whether you realize it or not. Or 2. Nobody promised you fair, which may be a bit generic, but is applicable to many of the situations that life will throw at you.

Here's the story

Fox2 in Detroit reports an anonymous donor has offered to pay for prom tickets for all students who are vaccinated against Covid. Those tickets are $80 per person. Immediately, this became a major controversy because, well, because it's 2021. Now, keep in mind, those who are unvaccinated can still go. But, they have to pay $80 for their ticket. This is causing teeth gnashing and consternation.

And the resulting controversy

In the Fox2 news report, the reporter asked Southfield superintendent Dr. Jennifer Green, "aren't you penalizing the kids who aren't getting vaccinated?" Green's reply is "No, we are charging everyone $80 dollars to attend. Someone, that is a private donor from a philanthropic organization, is covering that $80 fee.”

The station's report goes on to say local organizations are concerned this will lead discrimination, harassment, and bullying by other students.

A protest by those upset with the district is Friday afternoon. Dr. Green expressed concern that a protest will elevate the level of divisiveness.

Green admits the free prom ticket is encouragement to get the vaccine, but states everyone is being given equal opportunity to attend the same prom.

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