If y'all ain't too proud, step up Sturgis, Niles and Three Rivers. You are the winners(?) of the Most Redneck Towns in Michigan.

Yes, there is plenty of prejudice and they reinforce stereotypes to make the list. RoadSnacks has ranked the 10 Most Redneck Cities in Michigan. Southwest Michigan grabs 3 spots on the list- all in the top 5.

These "researchers" started with the premise that "everyone is at least a quarter redneck" in Michigan and then "measured the things most rednecks love: huntin', fishin', chewin' tobacco, even Walmarts. [sic]" We can't verify the statistics, but here are the results:

Top 5 Most Redneck Michigan Cities:

  • 5) Three Rivers
  • 4) Sault Ste. Marie
  • 3) Niles
  • 2) Utica
  • 1) Sturgis

Here's what they had to say about Southwest Michigan:

Three Rivers has the 6th most trailer parks in the state and a 22% high school drop out rate. Niles is 4th for gun stores and 11th for fishing gear in the state of Michigan. Sturgis earned the #1 redneck trophy by being listed 12th for mobile home parks, and they say only 73% finished high school and the village is 91% white.

The video was posted in 2016 and we're pretty sure these yahoos have never been to Michigan and maybe couldn't even find it on a map, but it's a fun watch.

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