Governor Whitmer just signed bipartisan legislation legalizing sports betting in Michigan with the revenue going to support School Aid Fund and First Responder Presumed Coverage Fund.  For most of us it will add another great feature to establishments already set up for gambling.  I know from talking to our friends at FireKeepers Casino Hotel that their Sports Book is just about ready to go.  They just needed the Governor to put pen to paper and she did it earlier today.

Here's some specifics from the press release we received this morning:

House Bill 4311 would create the Lawful Internet Gaming Act; allow internet gaming to be conducted in accordance with the new act; license various activities; impose a tax on the conduct of licensed internet gaming; create the Internet Gaming Fund; prohibit certain conduct; establish civil sanctions and criminal penalties for violations of the act; and authorize the promulgation of rules.

House Bill 4312 would place the maximum term of imprisonment for a felony violation of the proposed Lawful Internet Gaming Act in the sentencing guidelines provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

House Bill 4323 would exempt gambling conducted under the proposed Lawful Internet Gaming Act from certain provisions of the Michigan Penal Code.

Let the gaming begin...

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