I know the first thing you're going to say about the new misspelled Stadium Drive sign at 11th Street in Oshtemo - You had one job.

To be fair to the sign-maker, we all make mistakes everyday. And I happen to work in profession where mistakes like a misspelling or bad grammar on the website or a bad break on the radio are very public mistakes.

But you've got to ask, how did no one catch the misspelling as it's on both sides of the signs on each side of the road? That's 4 mistakes at one intersection.

The error was shared on the Kalamazoo page on reddit, asking "Who wants to tell them?"

Many of the replies were perfect including:

Yep, because that's about how long construction projects do seem to take. They'll likely need to shut down most of downtown to facilitate the fix out in Oshtemo. Perhaps a little long lost history:

Or it's possible the sign was right all along:


Take a look and let us know in the comment section below if you've encountered this mistake or any other sign mishaps around town.

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