Kalamazoo's State Theatre is thought by many to be the most haunted place in Kalamazoo, even though there are plenty of 'em. The State was built in 1927 and throughout it's almost 100-year history it's featured ballets, circus acts, musicals, operas, rock concerts, silent movies, stage plays, standup comedians and vaudeville. Thanks to the extreme variety of performers, acts and films over the decades, it's no wonder a few ghosts have lingered at the State, causing their own brand of paranormal mayhem.

According to westernherald.com, the theater staff seems to get the brunt of the paranormal activity: being touched from behind when no one's there, footsteps throughout the building, objects being moved from one place to another, water running & bubbling in the sinks & toilets and a statue that likes to change position on it's own. This statue is positioned above the stage, so when you visit, you'll see it.

The State has such an enormous reputation for being haunted, that it was investigated by a team of Kalamazoo Michigan Paranormal Investigators. Their findings include recordings of a girl singing, a woman talking, sounds that seemingly came from a circus act, and a voice that clearly asked for "Tom" --- Tom is the name of the theater's manager who was on staff for around 20 years.

Visit the State Theater anytime and ask any staff member about the hauntings...maybe they'll grant you a tour into the catacombs under the theater and the lonely rooms above.....good luck.



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