Paxton Olney could be the next Jason Newstead. he's already in two successful regional bands but could take the national stage as the new bass player for Steel Panther.

UPDATE: Paxton made it to the sweet sixteen finalists, and is vying for a spot in the great eight. Vote on December 21 for Hairmania and Van Go Go's bass player to get the dream gig of playing with Steel Panther. See a special message from Paxton here, and slam this link to vote.

If you're from this area, you may know Paxton better as Trixxy Gunnz, bass player extraordinaire for Hairmania. The glam/slam '80s band has been keeping the rock and roll of the Sunset Strip and hairband era alive and well in Southwest Michigan for a long time now. Olney's former band Van Go Go regrouped virtually during the pandemic, releasing new music that got some press in Los Angeles. Since then they've racked up more than a million streams on Spotify and are working on killer new music. Could things get any better than this?

Paxton Olney is now one of 32 finalists for the gig as the next bass player for Steel Panther. OK, how to explain Steel Panther? First, if you are easily offended, this is not the story for you. Most think of Steel Panther as a joke band. Their lyrics are way over the top: the words "chauvinistic," "misogynist," and "sexist" are only a hint at what the songs are about. Musically, the band is straight out of 1987, and their skills are no joke. Michael Starr is an outrageous frontman and Stachel absolutely shreds on guitar. Now, the name needs a bass player to lock in the rhythm section with drummer Stix Zadinia (say it fast).

This gig would mean so much to me- to be able to show the young musicians that it’s OK to only play the top string on the bass! The other 3 strings are just for looks….and speaking of looks, let’s bring back hot looking bass players! HBM-Hawt Bassists Matter

-Paxton Olney/Trixxy Gunnz, future Steel Panther bass master

Steel Panther has come up with The Road to the Road, a bracket challenge to find their next member. Check out the video below where the band asks, "Do you have what it takes? Do you have the look? Do you have the sexiness? Do you have the chops? Are there any warrants?" We think Paxton is uniquely qualified to join "the raddest, the sexiest, the dirtiest, most awesome, raunchiest, most fun rock and roll extravaganza ever known to man or wo-man." If you agree, don't miss your chance to make it happen and vote, one day only, December 11.

We love Jason Newstead and all, but we think it's time another bass player put Kalamazoo on the rock and roll map again.

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