If you grew up in Michigan, the J. L. Hudson's department store was part of your holiday season, especially in Detroit. From the parades to holiday displays, and of course visits with Santa himself, Hudson's was the Midwest Macy's at Christmastime.

Once the tallest and second-largest department store in the country, the Detroit Hudson's location took up a city block at 2 million square feet of space. It was the place where everyone went shopping and enjoyed the fanfare of the holiday season.

Hudson’s also served as host of Detroit’s first Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924, which continued until the demise of the mega today as America's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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With the closing of Hudson's in Detroit, and the implosion of the once massive building on October 24, 1998, much of the nostalgia of Christmas in the city ( Detroit) was lost. For many, like myself, it was a little piece of our childhood gone.

Back by popular demand this holiday season the Detroit Historical Museum is bringing back a  special exhibit, Hudson’s Holidays. Launched last year, the exhibit was a whimsical step back in time that resonated with so many Michiganders.

According to the website,

"The exhibition will feature a selection of must-see items from the Detroit Historical Society collection, including the toys and decor that made the holidays at Hudson’s so magical, the fashions and accessories that made the store a year-round shopping destination and some artifacts from the downtown store that evoke the massive building’s distinctive features."

This special step back in time is now open to enjoy. Through December, the museum will offer free admission on Sundays  For more information click here.


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