Sasquatch has made a lasting impact, not only in local folklore, but has made its way to the world of entertainment as well. It's one of the most decorated myths in America and is celebrated in many ways. One of those ways was a brilliant piece of metalwork that stood a towering 8 feet tall at the home of Donna Kinne in Three Rivers. But it seems someone has decided to rob their family of their treasured figure, as they've reported it stolen. The task would not have been an easy one, as she indicated in her Facebook post:

STOLEN!!!! TR friends - our 8' Sasquatch was stolen from our property. Bolt cutters were used to remove him. ** His edges are sharp and very jagged. He likely did some damage to whatever vehicle was used. Please keep an eye out...I am hoping someone dumps him off.
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She even elaborated how sharp it was and must have caused some damage:
You need bolt cutters, leather gloves and a vehicle you are willing to have scratched to hell.
Somebody suggested it could have been stolen by the real sasquatch, and Donna hadn't thought of that possibility, that maybe he was looking for a new best friend. Sadly, this isn't Disney and this is now an important piece of stolen property that they are looking to be returned. If you have any leads on where it could be, please reach out to her here.  Again, this was not an easy steal, so someone took a lot of work to steal this.

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