If you have kids looking for a summer job, there are lots of opportunities at Mackinac Island.

When I think of Mackinac Island, usually the first thing that pops in my mind is their awesome fudge. Well if you are looking for summer work, you might be the one making the Mackinac Island fudge but the hiring season has now begun.

According to MLive, there are more than 5,000 seasonal employees needed for Mackinac Island. They are hiring college students, retirees and international workers.

Mackinac Island has a jobs page on their website. It works pretty easy allowing you to upload your resume and also select jobs that you are interested in applying for. They have a long list of opportunities that include retail jobs, bike rental, working with horses, boat related work.

If you have your eyes on a job that you witnessed when visiting Mackinac Island, you can just reach out directly to that business. Here is a directory you can use to locate business found on the island.

Due to the pandemic and rules for working and traveling for the U.S. H-2B visa program for international workers, a higher need for local workers will be expected to meet the needs of Mackinac Island for the 2021 season.

Most jobs on the island are only for a few months but some jobs will last into the fall for those who are able to stay and work on. Jobs usually last from April through the end of the tourist season.

For those wanting to apply, don't forget that many of the jobs have the option of dorm style house for a small weekly fee. In some situations there are meal plans that are available.

Information regarding Mackinac Island, vacationing and employment opportunities can be found here.

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