Get a Clue or get a Life! Go, use your Cranium, and avoid Trouble (or don't!). Nothing is Taboo at Marmalade Dog 22.

Video games are great, but they take a backseat to a good old-fashioned tabletop game. Sure Monopoly has been known to cause a few family fights, and the mouse trap in Mousetrap never ever worked (ever), but the fondness I have for board games, role-playing games, and card games knows no bounds. I'm an easy creature to please; promise me some good conversation with great company and a little One Night Ultimate Werewolf and I'm a happy Stefani.

That's why I'm pumped about Marmalade Dog 22 this weekend. You want Risk, Munchkin, My Little Pony? It's all here all weekend! RPG more your THANG? They've got you covered here.

It's super cool that Kalamazoo has a board game convention.  With all the focus on Blizzcon, and the next BIG thing in video gaming, I think it's pretty frickin' cool that this town pumps the breaks a bit and says, "put the virtual reality goggles away and get out your D20... it's about to get real."

Bonus Video - Definitely Bishop: Pokemon Go; Let Your Freak Flag Fly


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