Five Favorite Live Albums To Check Out This Labor Day Weekend
As the Summer winds down and everyone gets into the swing of Fall,  It is a good time to chill out and listen to some great live rock.  There are many legendary live albums out there, but here are five personal favorites to listen to This Labor Day Weekend.
Fly Rediscovers His Old Keyboard
Before I got into radio, I enjoyed playing piano and saxophone.  I haven't touched either in nearly 20 years.  Over the weekend, I got the urge to play around with my old keyboard.
Fly’s Review Of The Musical Box in Illinois
Over the past year I have become a big fan of Peter Gabriel era Genesis.  I am too young to have seen the original band live.
Thankfully there is a great tribute band called, The Musical Box. Over the weekend, I had the chance to see them live in St. Charles, Illinois (Outside Chicago)  at …
Throw Back Thursday Genesis
I've mentioned this in a couple of post over the past few months but I've really been listening to a lot of older Genesis.  Not only the Peter Gabriel era, but the first few albums featuring Phil Collins as the lead singer.
I recently picked up a copy of "Foxtrot" and have come to appreciat…

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