Ice Cream

What Happened To Cottage Inn Pizza On Gull Road?
Anyone who appreciates a good pizza pie knows that Cottage Inn Pizza has some amazing and innovative pizzas and has been one of my personal favorites since moving to Kalamazoo. On top of that, they also paired with Frosty Boy Ice Cream in the same building which makes it an even more crucial dinner …
West Michigan Ice Cream Shop Going For World Record
I have not been to the House of Flavors in Ludington before, but it looks delicious! Might have to make a special trip this summer. Especially on June 11th when they go for a world record!
Mlive reported they are going for the Guinness World Record for longest ice cream dessert...
Fly Finally Got To Try The Tonight Dough
A few months back Ben and Jerry's unveiled a new flavor on the Tonight Show.  It was called "The Tonight Dough."   After looking around for it the last few months, I finally had an opportunity to try it.