Psychology Teacher Hands Out 101 Ways to Cope with Stress
College can be stressful, but I'm here to tell you that stress doesn't just melt away once your diploma is in hand.  A psychology professor recently shared 101 Ways to Cope with Stress with his students; one of which shared it on Twitter. Here are my highlights:
Get up 15 minutes …
Fly's Top Five Favorite James Bond Movies
I have been a big James Bond fan ever since I saw "You Only Live Twice" when I was a eight.  I own all the movies on disc.   Everyone has been listing their best of list for the franchise recently so here are my five favorite Bond films.
Top 10 Heavy Metal Clubs just put out a list of the "Top 10 Most Legendary Heavy Metal Clubs," and it's a pretty solid list.  Granted I haven't been to any of them, mainly because the majority of them are either closed down or in LA, but I am familiar with their infamy.
25 Funniest Movies of All Time…?
"Rolling Stone" readers picked the 25 Funniest Movies of All Time . . . and there are some obvious misses. What comedies should be on this list?
Here's the complete list . . .
1. "Blazing Saddles", 1974
2. "Airplane!", 1980