Check Out These Great Photos of Boogie Records
Nothing like some old photos to bring back a flood of memories. The Vanished Kalamazoo Facebook page was treated to a walk down memory lane by Kalamazoo resident Keith Howard who shared these great photos of Boogie Records from the early 1980s.
Starfarm Coming to Kalamazoo March 30th
Nothing like a little nostalgia to shake you out of your winter blues. Starfarm, an '80s tribute band out of Lansing, knows that feel, bro, and they're bringing their covers of your favorite songs to the stage. From 99 Luftballons to Hungry Like the Wolf, they're bringing all those fo…
Animaniacs Reboot Official - Five Classic Moments
Steven Spielberg caught lightning in a bottle when his television company produced Animaniacs. Equally educational and hilarious, there was something for all ages to enjoy, including several tongue-in-cheek jokes and references for the parents in the room.

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