The neighborhood where Ted Nugent spent his pre-teen years is nowhere the way it was all those years ago.

His ‘birth neighborhood’ house is located in Detroit at 23251 Florence Street. Looking at the neighborhood now, it’s a challenge to think that someone who would become an internationally-known personality used to live here.

Just down the road on the curve of Florence Street & Ridge Road is the Rouge River. The river's atmosphere further enhanced Ted’s love for the outdoors, eventually growing into his passion. The river area was packed with many creatures: beavers, chipmunks, ducks, fox, frogs, geese, gophers, hawks, mice, owls, rats, pheasant, possums, quail, raccoons, shrews, skunks, snakes, songbirds, squirrels, and turtles.

With wonderful childhood memories coaxing him, Ted returned & visited his old neighborhood in 2019. Upon arriving at Florence Street, he was disillusioned to see his old neighborhood in its current state.

It happens to us all. We may have great childhood recollections, but as hard as we may wish, things change and will never be the same. We can never go "home" again.

Take a look at photos of Ted’s old neighborhood below.



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